JibJab Year in Review Spoofs Barack Obama, Hurricanes and More

 - Dec 27, 2008
References: viralvideochart
Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, Tropical Storms, Harry Potter’s bare moments and Miley Cyrus’ controversial magazine cover are all part of a new web video. JibJab, the masters of viral videos and interactive fun (think Elf Yourself), have released their ‘2008 Year In Review’ video. Proof of their uncanny ability to lure easily amused web surfers to their content, the JibJab clip has already managed to receive 87,563 views since its launch on December 23.

The JibJab video features cartoon illustrations of political favourites like Barack Obama and celebs like David Duchovny. The animations are done to the tune of ‘Miss Molly,’ the annoying childhood song where sentences run into each other, almost revealing naughty statements, but not quite since the final words run into the harmless words at the beginning of the next sentences. Watch the clip to see what I mean.