Jeremy Enecio’s New Occult Art is Ominously Unearthly

 - May 23, 2013
References: jenecioart.tumblr & hifructose
The new Jeremy Enecio art is absolutely breathtaking in its ability to depict people as one with nature. However, with Enecio's work there is a mystical twist. With creatures such as giant wolves and groping spirits Enecio has created a series that evokes both horror and awe.

One of the works titled ‘Familiar’, depicts a woman shadowed in blue light, her head placed peacefully in the mouth of a gigantic wolf. In traditional occult history, familiars were said to be animal counterparts of witches—exactly what Enecio is going for in this supernatural work.

Each of the human subjects in Enecio’s paintings is depicted as statuesque while bathed in an other-worldly light. The subjects’ lack of emotion allows the viewer to fill the paintings' stories for themselves, making these not only beautiful pieces but also imagination stimulants.

Work like Jeremy Enecio's demonstrates that a realistic style can be used in conjunction with surreal subjects. Artists do not necessarily have to remain confined to what they are able to see but can stretch their imagination to bring the wildest fantasies to life.