10 Hollywood Weight Fluctuations

 - Aug 18, 2008
References: abcnews.go
Jennifer Love Hewitt had the media buzzing this weekend after the newly svelte actress was scrutinized for offering a contradictory message to fans regarding body image - but she wasn’t the first.  This gallery showcases many celebrities and their unhealthy weight fluctuations.

Typically, these fluctuations are driven by the need to fit a particular character for a movie… But the impact of dramatic shifts hitting the tabloids can have ripples into pop culture and the self-perception of teens. In the case of Jennifer Love Hewitt, the impact was exacerbated by the fact that she stated that it was okay to be large and beautiful and then she celebrated her dramatic weight loss on the cover of US Magazine.

The constant rise and fall of body mass indexes is as common in Hollywood as it is in real life North America, as well as other western parts of the world. Much of this confusion has to do with how the media portrays diet, fitness, exercise and overall well-being.

ABC News posted a slideshow of "Stars and the Weight Flux," some of which can be seen in the gallery, including the dramatic transformations of Janet Jackson.

A huge proportion of magazines on the shelves tell you how to "get killer abs," or "tone your hips and shape your butt," while another large chunk encourages you to "embrace your curves," and "love your feminine shape."

The incredible popularity of an annual swimsuit issues further supports the argument that people are obsessed with celebrity role models, as many people use media figures as a measuring stick for what body shape is acceptable for them.

The Jennifer Love Hewitt controversy is an incredibly good example of the baffled messaged the media has left us with. Destining us to this state of disarray both feeds, then starves us, of the guidance we seek to live a life in balance.

How YOU feel at any time, now or in the future, is nothing the media will ever be able to answer for you.