Jennifer Figge's Transatlantic Swim Far Shorter Than Originally Claimed

 - Feb 14, 2009
References: qctimes & mercurynews
Endurance swimmer Jennifer Figge is in a bit of hot water this morning for a few reasons. Last week, we wrote about an AP story that cited Figge as the first woman to swim across the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, even superhero swimmer Michael Phelps couldn't have navigated the 2,100 miles of Figge's journey in 25 days.

When contacted days later about the story, Jennifer Figge announced, "I never intended to swim the entire distance," despite a family spokesperson corroborating the exaggerated claims after the AP story broke. Figge says instead that she swam about 250 miles and rode in a catamaran for the rest.

Moreover, on Thursday that 50-foot catamaran sank just off the coast of Tobago. Jennifer Figge and her five-person crew were all evacuated safely, but spokesman David Higdon said that "much of the material onboard was lost or damaged."