Jason Limon Creates These Warped Animal Sculptures

 - Dec 4, 2013
References: limon-art & sweet-station
Talented sculptor Jason Limon creates these little mutant artworks. Limon's works mix common animal shapes and features with exposed bones, razor sharp teeth and extra eyeballs. These nightmarish little figurines look like something that's been ripped out of a Tim Burton film.

There's something almost charming about these mutant-style little critters. Much like bobble-head toys, these artworks have heads larger than their bodies. Some of these spooky sculptures sport colorful hoods or robes, which in some cases makes them seem more sinister and in other cases makes them appear almost adorable.

Jason Limon's twisted animal sculptures have a lot of personality. Some of these sculptures sport crooked smiles and wave at viewers with clawed hands. These delightful little monsters are a lot of fun to look at.