These Japanese Textbook Doodles Put a Dark Twist on Learning English

 - Oct 9, 2013
References: en.rocketnews24 & neatorama
You may find yourself longing to go back to grade school after checking out all of these Japanese textbook doodles. These doodles were done by a Japanese high school student known only as Chanta. Chanta uses his Twitter account to post his textbook doodles, which range from funny and clever to dark and disturbing.

Chanta is incredibly artistic and resourceful, using whiteout to clear up space for his doodles. Each of his doodles look almost natural, save for the fact that no textbook would ever feature a food fight or show people punching each other in the fact. Those who aren't artistic can safely check out these Japanese textbook doodles. Those who have a way with a pen and your best to keep your textbooks clean.