This Photo Book Documents Japanese Bento Box Meals Served on Trains

 - Nov 3, 2015
References: amzn & en.rocketnews24
Japanese Bento boxes often make for delicious meals, full of deliciously seasoned rice, meat, seafood or tofu. When served as meals on trains across Japan, the boxes also become small, edible works of art.

If you order a Japanese Bento box on a train, you're likely to be served a wonderful, savory meal in a lidded dish shaped like a bull's head, a cartoon ghost or a seashell. Japanese train companies take the opportunity of Bento box meals to showcase cultural symbols of the region travelers are heading to. The attention given to the specialty boxes is evidence that the famous art of Japanese hospitality is alive and well.

In her beautifully photographed book 'Ekiben,' Aki Tomura documents the most beautiful and unusual Japanese Bento boxes. The book's title is a combination of the words 'eki,' which means station, and 'bento,' which is the Japanese word for lunchbox.