The 'A Beautiful and Short Life' Line Celebrates Japan's Culture

It’s easy to take the little things for granted and that’s what Tokyo-based company 7youMe’s creator Toshihiko Nishiyama is trying to remind people with his seasonal party popper product line called 'A Short and Beautiful Life.'

Unlike traditional party poppers that explode colourful confetti, these handmade seasonal poppers highlight the main events of each season that bring people together in Japan: hanami, cherry blossom viewing; rain; momijigari, the changing of the leaves; and snowfall. With each pop, delicate sakura blossoms, dewy raindrops, colorful leaves and soft snowflakes gently flutter at your side.

In conjunction with Speakers Inc., 7youMe’s products emphasize how short-lived things can invoke a sense of beautiful nostalgia for people who miss Japan while also bringing a part of the country to those who have never been there before.