Japan Plans Innerweb Replacement

 - Aug 29, 2007
References: inventorspot
"Write your congressman or learn Japanese." Japan is planning a new web architecture! This is due to the beliefs of the country's IT experts who predict current tubes will be full of spam and video by 2020. The new plans will entirely change the fundamentals of how the internet works. It's rumored that the US and Europe are in discussion about forming a committee to discuss new Internet plans too.
So far, the US hasn't allocated any money toward any such discussions. The Japanese researchers already have the money, and will be formally studying the solutions by next year.
Yoshihiro Onishi, assistant director at the Japanese communications ministry says, "The Internet is reaching its limit. We feel this research for the technology is definitely needed." Onishi also said, "Cooperating on the research with other nations, including the United States, will be an option." Start writing your congressmen, folks... or start learning Japanese!