Janee Meadows Creates Artistic Entertainment Images with a Vintage Tinge

 - Jun 21, 2011
References: janeemeadows & buzzfeed
California-based artist Janée Meadows' style reflects an illustrator who seamlessly blends several divergent artistic techniques to create something that draws strong influence from '70s movies and concert posters, photorealism and vintage cartoons.

Janée Meadows' latest creation is a re-imagining of the posters for Universal Pictures', Stephen Spielberg-produced supernatural Western film, Cowboys & Aliens. The recreation pays homage to legendary Western film director, Sergio Leone, as well as vintage movie posters of the past and gives off the aura of a strong new-age film with historic Hollywood ties.

The rest of Janée Meadows' portfolio contains work done for several California-based independent bands, including Rooney, the Donnas and Muse. Janée Meadows has won awards for her art in major contests like the Cut & Paste Digital Design competition, where she beat out 256 artists from around the world. Additionally, her cover for all-girl rockband, the Donnas' 2008 album Bitchin', won her the #42 spot in UGO's 'Best Album Covers of All-Time' countdown.

Janée Meadows currently resides in Los Angeles, California and continues her work as a freelance artist.