Jamie Isenstein Blurs the Line Between Humans and Possessions

 - Jul 15, 2011
References: andrewkreps & sweet-station
Artist Jamie Isenstein literally brings objects to life through his series of sculptures, live art and still life photography. The Portland native has no qualms about the boundaries between human beings and their possessions, as his art is a convergence between the two.

From decorative sculptures to arm chairs, wall clocks and even fur rugs, the objects Isenstein chooses to portray are given arms, legs and other parts of the human body that make them odd and interesting to look at. Though they are simple to the naked eye, the art makes a statement about the importance of possessions to human life. Isentein's brilliant work is currently being showcased as a solo exhibition at the Andrew Kreps Gallery in New York.

Implications - Real art portrays reality in a way that stretches the imaginations of its viewers beyond the boundaries of every day life. Consumers look for art that does this in a familiar way by incorporating familiar elements and subjects.