Jamie Cullen's Illustrations are Psychedelic

 - May 17, 2011
References: jamiecullen.net & lifelounge.au
Jamie Cullen, a Brighton-based artist, has created a collection of illustrations that will truly ignite your imagination. His illustrations combine a "psychedelic pop art aesthetic" and "abstract physical impossibilities."

Cullen combines a palette of playful, childlike neon colors against a plain backdrop of white or black to create futuristic themed images. Playing with a wide variety of themes including consciousness, sex, rock n' roll and the extra terrestrial, his illustrations demonstrate what someone's vision might be like while tripping out on some pretty heavy duty drugs.

While his work may come across as wickedly trippy, Jamie Cullen has been sought out by huge companies for creating packaging labels and also by publishing houses. More of Cullen's work can be seen on his personal website.