Ivan Cash Will Mail Out Your Emails for Free with 'Snail Mail my Email'

 - Jul 21, 2011
References: cargocollective & gizmodo
As the modern consumer moves away from traditional mail and the undeniable charm associated with it, Ivan Cash can't help but feel a little nostalgic -- and neither can I. In the hopes of synthesizing the comfort and ease of email with the personal touch of snail mail, Ivan and his volunteers are willing to take an email of yours, transcribe it personally and mail it by U.S. Post to its destination.

Although it's not entirely clear what the purpose of the 'Snail Mail my Email' project is, it's truly heartwarming. The ongoing, month-long project is entirely pro bono, and the lead designer Ivan Cash, who is based out of New York, will even add small illustrations to your letters.

If you're starting to miss the inherent charisma and class of a thoughtfully written letter, yet lack the stationary or motivation to write one, fire an email over to Ivan Cash before the interactive project ends!