This Website Lets Users Share and Compare Their Travel Itineraries

 - Jul 10, 2015
References: bugyal & skift
'Bugyal' is a travel itinerary sharing platform that allows user to share their travel plans with others. For many travelers, planning what to do each day of their vacation can seem like an overwhelming task. Bugyal provides tips and ideas about what others travelers have done by showing you their detailed travel itineraries.

When you first log on, Bugyal allows you to build a traveler profile. In your profile you can list travel itineraries for past, present or even future trips. Your itinerary can include accommodation details, attractions visited, travel tips, driving routes and even photos. Other users can then look at your itinerary and get an idea for where they would like to go and what they might like to do. You can also browse through other user profiles and discover new destinations and activities.

The itinerary sharing platform simplifies trip planning by giving you a detailed breakdown of what other travelers have done.