Ishatvam 9's Balcony Looks Like an Underwater Distortion

 - Apr 14, 2017
References: archdaily
Ishatvam 9, an apartment building in Ranchi, India, is above ground. That's important to note, since a passerby looking at the impressive residential building might get the wrong impression. The building's balconies, on top of providing a stunning view of the surrounding city and landscape, are shaped as though they're being viewed through water, while gentle ripples distort and refract their forms.

Ishatvam 9's underwater effect is achieved through the use of three-dimensional space. Not only are the balcony's frames oddly angled trapezoids that seem to each be unique from all the others, but a broad upper platform also angles inward from the upper edge of each balcony frame, adding a layer of depth that would otherwise be lost in the building. That depth makes the building look interesting rather than nauseous.