Isabel M. Martinez Creates Simultaneous Visual Stories

 - Jan 21, 2012
References: immartinez & mymodernmet
Whether it's evident or not, reality is composed by various perspectives depending on people's point of views, and a good way to illustrate this idea is through the photographs by Toronto-based artist Isabel M. Martinez. Both of her series 'Quantum Blink' and 'The Weekend' consist of captures that have been manipulated to create different spacial story lines within one art piece.

Using a vertical pattern, Martinez gives a series of cuts to each image to produce a visual effect where subjects and landscapes seem to be constructed by various realities. Also, these parallel lines double the subjects, creating a confusing visual scenery. Thus, these photographs should be slowly admired and each piece experienced as one single unit or as a collection of various instants.

This series by Isabel M. Martinez tricks the mind and the brain by clearing the line of space and time.