This Isabel Arenas Work by the Florida-Based Artist is Feminine

 - Apr 16, 2012
References: iarenasdesign & vectroave
In these illustrations for spreads and covers in a fictional magazine, Florida-based artist Isabel Arenas incorporates many elements of old-school pop-art. Some of her works are reminiscent of old pin-up and movie-posters while others have a distinctly Warhol feel to them.

One illustration portrays a camel caravan riding towards the pyramids of Giza; in the foreground is a woman atop a camel who stares out at the viewer. In the style of an old movie-poster tagline, the illustration features text that reads, "not all who wander are lost."

In another piece, four identical women are depicted standing beside one another, slightly overlapping. The woman furthest to the left wears a purple dress while the woman to the far right is adorned in pink attire. Those in between are gradients of these two colors. For anyone familiar with Warhol’s Marylin Monroe series, this particular illustration should strike a bell.