Unseen's Air Project Features Ribbed and Iridescent Fabrics

 - Nov 20, 2014
References: seetheunseen & fubiz.net
The Unseen is a studio that specializes in organic textile research and design and has recently launched 'Air', a project that features sculptural and iridescent fabrics.

The Unseen's Air project is the work of founder Lauren Bowker and her design team. Working with sculptural forms, textures and vibrant hues, these iridescent fabrics can be defined as wearable art pieces.

After manipulating and experimenting with their textile, the studio's final product is a sculptural leather caplet that is worn on a model's back. When examined from different light sources, the garment appears iridescent and changes its colors accordingly.

This evolving garment changes the way we look at organic textiles and fashion in general. The Unseen's 'Air' project inspires designers and embodies fashion's artful essence.