This iPhone-Charging Pouch Keeps Your iPhone Safe and Charged

 - Apr 9, 2014
References: chargearoo & kickstarter
The Chargearoo is an iPhone-charging pouch that keeps your iPhone snug and safe like a joey in a mother kangaroo's pouch. The Chargearoo was designed by an industrial designer who found himself equally amused and astonished at the places people put their expensive iPhones and other smartphones while charging them. Many iPhone users are guilty of charging their iPhones near the bathroom sink (where they can be damaged by water) or on the floor (where they can be stepped on).

The Chargearoo is a no-frills, lightweight and durable iPhone-charging pouch that keeps your iPhone out of harm's way while it is charging. The contraption is made so you can insert an iPhone charger into it and safely wrap the cable, while a cradle on the other side safely holds your smartphone while it is charging.