iJustine Tries Dropvertising

 - Jul 11, 2008
References: tastyblogsnack & adrants
Who would have thought that a pretty blonde like iJustine would give the iPhone so much abuse? However, her iPhone abuse is turning out to be a perfect marketing angle. If any phone could survive abuse by the viral video comedian for a whole year, it's a great testament of the phone's quality.

With the new 3G iPhone having a plastic cover, I am not so sure it would have the same staying power as the first generation model. Watch the above video for some shots of the drops iJustine's iPhone has endured.

iJustine says, "I've had my iPhone for over a year and it's survived everything! Never once did I even need to restore it.. either way, it's time for a new one. This Friday, July 11th will be the day!"