This Invisible Fingerprint Sensor is Hidden Beneath Glass

 - May 2, 2016
References: lginnotek & engadget
LG recently announced that it developed an invisible fingerprint sensor that doesn't require a designated button. One of the problems with current fingerprint sensors is that they take up space on the front of the phone or they are awkwardly positioned making them difficult to use. LG has solved these problems by creating a fingerprint sensor that is integrated into the screen of the phone.

The new fingerprint scanner from LG Innoteck consists of a tiny sensor hidden beneath the cover glass on a smartphone. This means that instead of pressing a button, users simply tap the screen in order to unlock their device. Not only is the sensor easier to use, but it is also more accurate than other biometric log-in systems.

While it isn't clear when LG will add the invisible fingerprint sensor to its products, the technology will help the company save valuable surface space on its smartphone and other mobile devices.