Invisible Boyfriend Provides Real-Life Proof of Love

 - Jan 24, 2015
References: invisibleboyfriend & fastcodesign
As I'm sure you can tell from the name, Invisible Boyfriend isn't your typical online dating service. The sister site to 'Invisible Girlfriend' doesn't actually connect you to any local singles; instead, it allows you to fabricate a significant other and then provides "real-world and social proof" that you're in a relationship.

If you're the "perpetually single" friend, you're well-aware of how annoying it can be to field questions about your relationship status and politely turn down offers to be fixed up with your hair dresser's son. Having an boyfriend -- even if he technically doesn't exist -- would get a lot of people off your back.

Users are able to give their invisible boyfriend a name, age and personality. The service takes care of the rest, providing texts, voicemails and even post cards to assure your friends and family that you won't be dying alone.