Olivier Fermariello's Je T’aime Moi Aussi is Poignantly Reflective

 - Aug 2, 2014
References: beautifuldecay
The intimate handicapped portraits of Olivier Fermariello give people a look at a different type of beauty. Stepping away from the ideal standard created by the media, this beautiful photo series gives people a rare glimpse into the lives of a few disabled individuals. Whether posing nude on their bed or dressed by the closet, the moments are quiet and reflective, which encourages people to be the same.

Living a life of taboo day in and day out, this series of intimate handicapped portraits provides an poignant outlet for those without a voice. Titled 'Je t’aime moi aussi,' which means 'I love you, too,' the artist writes, "People with disability in most cases feel the discrimination of not being considered entirely as a man or a woman: instead they feel treated either as children, either as beings belonging to a third gender, neutral with no libido."