The 'Genital Shield' Will Protect From STDs Once and For All

 - Mar 8, 2009   Updated: Jun 17 2011
References: miaminewtimes
Attention, guys with herpes: An inventor thinks he has the idea that will change your world. The Genital Shield is designed to rid the world of herpes and other STDs. It's a two-piece condom. A latex mold covers most of a gentleman's target, but a strategically-placed hole leaves room to attach the shield in way not to dissimilar to a Ziploc bag to prevent skin on skin contact.

Implications - Doug Sturlingh is the inventor of this new two-piece condom. The Florida business man has already spent $20 thousand dollars on the idea. He claims that regular condoms won't do the trick in keeping away harmful STDs. Unfortunately for Sturlingh, the president of IXu condoms, Brian Osterberg claims that the Genital Shield is far from marketable.