The Hilary Pecis 'In Accordance' Exhibition is Mesmerizing

 - Jul 12, 2012
References: hilarypecis & juxtapoz
Embracing the rapid change of the world, San Fransisco-based artist Hilary Pecis has created Internet image collages as a part of her new collection 'In Accordance.' Originally a painter, Pecis has taken the rise of new media and technology as an opportunity to broaden the horizons of her work.

Pecis does extensive web research on a particular word like beach, and then combines the various image results into a holistic depiction of what the Internet sees as a beach by creating Internet image collages. Halsey McKay explains, "the autonomous nature of the Internet allows the artist to create democratic word/image associations... Each work displays a form of transcription or encyclopedic consensus of what a word ‘looks’ like." The resulting works are abstract, choppy canvases that convey the tranquil chaos of modern life.

'In Accordance' will be running at the Halsey McKay Gallery in East Hampton, New York, until the seventeenth of July.