The Intel ‘Smart Car Headlights’ Block Out Splatter From

 - May 10, 2013
References: popsci & bitrebels
The Intel ‘Smart Car Headlights’ are a safety advancement in driving that is sure to be a must-have feature of upcoming car models. The genius technology processes so fast that within 30 milliseconds, it can mostly eliminate raindrops from your field of vision to ensure greater safety on the road.

This essentially means that while it’s not yet at the point of being able to entirely block rain from your sight as you drive, it can make it so that you will only see the splattering of rain at the top of your beams, because by the time it reaches the road the technology has found a way to block out these drops from your eyes.

This advancement created by Intel and Carnegie Mellon University is a fantastic way to continue building safer cars to fight the elements.