John Knuth Uses Bugs' Regurgitated Vomit for His Insect Art

 - Sep 11, 2013
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Paintings can be born out of unexpected blasts of creativity, but John Knuth can't take all the credit for his remarkable insect art. That's because the LA-based Knuth enlisted the help of 250,000 houseflies in order to create a canvas made solely of the bugs' vomit. The result is a canvas filled with multicolored specks that resemble, from afar, small droplets of water, or of intricately drawn floral patterns from near.

Knuth created the paintings by first trapping the house flies in a meshed canvas and fed them a mixture of water, sugar and colored pigment. After ingesting and regurgitating the mixture "millions of times" over the course of six weeks, the bugs hurled their creations on the canvas. With the multiple "dense layers" splattered onto the canvas, Knuth draws a contrast the tensions of the controlled environment and "the inherently non-social insects' unpredictable mark-making; a process that he feels mirrors contemporary society."