Walmart's InHome Delivery Service Stocks Your Fridge

 - Jun 10, 2019
References: & engadget
Walmart's InHome Delivery system is uniquely expansive -- where other services bring groceries to your door, Walmart's service goes further and will put the items in your fridge. The new service will launch in the fall and be available in locations such as Kansas City, Pittsburg, and Flordia. Users will be able to order through the Walmart app and the company will send an employee to your home to deliver the selected items.

Walmart has included some precautions in the delivery service, this is in order to ensure user safety when using the app. The employee who is entering customers homes must have been with the company for at least a year. Walmart also looks to implement a smart entry technology for InHome Delivery, where delivery personnel will use wearable cameras so customers can monitor delivery progress remotely.

Image Credit: Walmart