The 'VACC-STAMP' Vaccinates Babies in a Safe and Stylish Manner

 - May 30, 2013
References: & yankodesign
In an effort to take the pain out of infant vaccinations, designers Han Dhojin, Han Chanhee, Kwon Yoonjoo and Yoon Sejin created infant syringes called the 'VACC-STAMP.'

The vaccination-administering device works to stylishly and painlessly give babies the shots that they need. Using micro needles, the VACC-STAMP injects the vaccine. Since the needle is so small, it causes virtually no pain. After the vaccine is injected, the device applies a disinfectant which is stamped on in a cute heart shape.

The VACC-STAMP's design allows it to be safely used with a low chance of accidental injections. A button on either side of the device must be pressed to inject the vaccine. In addition, each machine prevents the reuse of its syringe by presenting a heart-shaped icon when the syringe is used.