'Couch Potato' Brands Itself as the World's First "Sit Tracker"

 - Aug 7, 2018
References: itunes.apple & getcouchpotato
Numerous fitness trackers have been unveiled over the past few years but 'Couch Potato' sets itself apart as an inactivity tracker that monitors the time one spends doing absolutely nothing.

With the app, which functions like an anti-activity tracker, users are able to get a sense of just how little they move every day—rather than keeping tabs on how many steps one takes in a day, the Couch Potato app bills itself as a "sit tracker."

When it comes to using the app, people must give permission for movement tracking. From there, they are able to advance levels, unlock and redeem rewards for the periods in which they are stationary. Over time, users will be able to progress from a level-one Tater Tot to a level-five Mash Monster and beyond.