‘In a Land of Make-Believe' by Aleyn Comprendio is a Fairytale

 - Apr 3, 2010   Updated: Jul 21 2011
References: flickr & behance.net
Fashion photographer and stylist Aleyn Comprendio makes her outdoor photo shoot look like a fairytale in 'In a Land of Make-Believe.' Standing, squatting and lounging in a garden full of trees and flowers, the dark-haired model wears a white ruffled dress and bare feet.

Comprendio's photography style is somewhat blurred, and some images are drenched with sunlight. The spread seems to be telling a dreamy story in 'In the Land of Make-Believe.'

Implications - As consumers continue to recover from the economic downturn, the demand for diversions is still on the rise. The fashion industry is satiating this consumer demand by offering pictorials featuring dream-like qualities. This satiates consumer demand for escapism. Corporations looking to appeal to consumers affected by the recession may consider utilizing dream-like imagery in their advertising campaigns.