The Russh Australia In My Own Time Photoshoot is Sleepy

 - Dec 29, 2012
The Russh Australia In My Own Time editorial works with a sporty motif, albeit with a drowsy spin. Model Marte Mei Van Haaster is found drifting asleep in each shot, an interesting choice given the lively nature of the workout theme.

Haaster was dressed in sports bras, athletic jerseys and vintage crop shorts on behalf of stylist Gillian Wilkins. Wilkins drove home the 80s-esque gym set with the help of photographer Alex Franco. It was Franco who captured Haaster's wet, unkempt locks, making it appear as if she had a recent run in with Olympic-sized race track. And yet, her closed eyes suggest otherwise, allowing viewers to conjure up a calming albeit fashionable state of mind.