Kanye West in an Absolut World

 - Jul 29, 2008   Updated: Jun 23 2011
References: nysun
The “In an Absolut world” is one of many ad campaigns that used hip hop star Kanye West. The following ad promotes the Absolut Vodka brand and extends from tv to print to the web. Kanye West Seems to be the man of the year, he has developed his own fashion, ad, and music trends.

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Implications - The featured video shows the Absolut commercial where Kanye West walks into a club while a bunch of girls giggle in line. Once inside, a glasses-clad West grabs a bunch of pretty girls and heads to the dance floor. Out of nowhere, West's head starts smoking and the audience soon learns that it is not the real Kanye West! Interestingly, the commercial shows off a pill that dissolves in water that is turning people into Kanye West. Soon after the words "in an Absolut world" appear on the screen.