The Improv Everywhere Carousel Horse Race is Fun for the Family

This Improv Everywhere Carousel Horse Race is one of the most hilarious impromptu raceway events one can ever witness. As parents in Bryant Park prepare their children for a relaxing merry-go-round ride, Improv Everywhere prepares for the big race.

The race went off smoothly, complete with commentators, spectators placing bets, and happy children in a state of confusion as to why a grown man dressed in a bright pink jockey outfit was riding the carousel. Nevertheless, a little winner was made with smiling parents and laughing onlookers.

Implications - With contemporary society being saturated with products and advertisements, many individuals ignore these attempts at sale. Businesses should consider alternative tactics such as flash mob publicity or events similar to this Improv Everywhere stunt. In doing so, businesses will have an advantage over other competitors and gain respect and recognition from consumers.