New Impact-Absorbing Substance Protects Phones and Fingers Shown at CES 2013

 - Jan 14, 2013
References: & popsci
Anybody who has the courage to smash their fingers with a hammer to show off the protective qualities of their impact-absorbing substance must have some real confidence in their product.

That's exactly the demonstration that UK-based Tech 21 were giving at their booth at CES 2013. This fascinating impact absorbing substance, that Tech 21 calls D30, is soft and malleable in its regular form, but dissipates force when encountering impact. The substance is being marketed as affordable protection for cell phones and other fragile gadgets.

Still, watching the folks at Tech 21 wrap fingers (both their own and attendees) with the bright orange goo and start smashing fingers with a mallet is a hilariously effective demonstration. Spoiler alert, no one's hands get horribly maimed in the video. If it can protect your digits this way, it can protect your iPhone just fine too!