Immuno Gum is Designed to Help Support the Immune System

 - Jun 9, 2016
References: immuno-gum & trndmonitor
'Immuno Gum' is a new brand of chewing gum that is specially designed to help support a healthy immune system. In recent years, there has been a growing demand for functional food products that do more than just provide sustenance. Now there is a chewing gun that helps to keep consumers healthy while also freshening their breath.

Immuno Gum is a special type of chewing gum made with six ingredients that support a healthy immune system: zinc, vitamin C, elderberry, eleuthero, echinacea and astragalus. Because the ingredients are combined in the form of gum, they fully coat the throat of those chewing it. As a result, the gum serves as a more effective way to consume the ingredients when compared to a drink or nasal spray.

The immunity-boosting gum demonstrates the growing demand for functional products that help consumers get more out of the foods they consume.