Imaginals Wishes to Change the Way CSR is Imagined

 - Apr 1, 2013
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The Imaginals attempts to rethink ways to approach what is commonly known as corporate social responsibility (CSR). Through a variety of strategies including innovation in a more democratized way, digital tools and sustainability, the team attempts to enable individuals to create purpose within their own jobs -- even if corporations tend to seem slow moving, especially when you're in the drudge of it. "Our work is based on a simple premise: we all strive for more meaning in our day jobs," the Imaginals write on their website.

The organization is based in London and consists of Creative Director James Parr, Sustainability Director Maggie De Pree and Digital Strategy Director Matt Oxley among others. Some of the corporate clients that Imaginals has worked with include Nike, Arup, Barclays and eBay.

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