Illustrator Peony Yip Drew Women with a Wild Perspective

 - Apr 9, 2014
References: & juxtapoz
Illustrator Peony Yip created these beautiful portraits of young women superimposed with animal expressions. She uses brown and black pencil to draw the women and overlaps their expression with an animal's action in red.

In one image, a woman tilts her head upwards as if whistling to the moon, and a red sketch of a wolf howling is overlapped onto her face. Another young girl is drawn screaming and a red tiger is drawn over her head. These creative illustrations show how we look at the world and find a way to relate it to ourselves. A deer's shy face doesn't mean it's trying to seduce you, and owls aren't intentionally sly. We superimpose ourselves onto animals and personify them so we can try to understand them.

These beautiful series of images by illustrator Peony Yip visualizes that concept in a creative and simple way.