Opusmúltipla Creatively Generated Awareness for Illegal Animal Trafficki

This campaign by OpusMúltipla is a clever way to raise awareness on the issue of illegal animal trafficking. Annually, over 12 million animals are sold, generating over $20 billion for this illegal industry. OpusMúltipla's 'Caged Elevator' stunt makes people feel like they are the ones who are in captivity.

Elevator rides can be uncomfortable enough, but OpusMúltipla increases the feeling of claustrophobia. The marketing agency set up posters on the walls of the elevator with giant faces behind bars to make the passengers feel like they are being watched. Since the elevator riders can't escape until they reach their destination, it is an uncomfortable experience. Although conversations that take place in elevators can be strained and awkward, this stunt gave passengers lots to discuss. This campaign surely made for a memorable elevator ride with a lasting message.