The iHome Control Smart Plug Lets You Control Your Energy Usage

 - Oct 23, 2015
References: & thegadgetflow
To help make your connected home even more amazing and eco-friendly, the iHome Control Smart Plug works by instantly connecting your existing outlet to the network to allow you to totally control how it works. Aside from being able to let you turn the power on and off via your smartphone, the iHome Control Smart Plug will also allow you to place timers to turn certain appliances or items on or off without having to worry about it.

Compatible with Apple HomeKit, the iHome Control Smart Plug can be controlled via Siri for maximum functionality and ease. Ideal for turning on the lights before you get home or the air conditioner to ensure your place is cool when you get there, the iHome Control Smart Plug is perfect for consumers of all kinds who are either advanced or novice when it comes to smart home technology.