CryptID Boasts Enhanced Security Features That Prevent Identity Theft

 - Dec 7, 2015
References: & bravenewcoin
CryptID is a sophisticated ID card system that aims to prevent fraud and identity theft. While government IDs like a driver's license or health card can easily be tampered with, CryptID provides a hack-proof solution for those looking to keep their personal data protected.

Whether fearing fraud or identity theft, users can rely on the company's block chain system. The system doesn't rely on single government institutions but rather spreads data throughout different computers to ensure maximum security. In addition, CryptID is digital, making it easy for anyone to use on their smartphone or tablet. The secure ID card also offers a three-step authentication process to identify if users are actually who they say they are.

Despite of the popularity of traditional forms of identification, governments can benefit from digital solutions thanks to their enhanced security features and tech-savvy millennial appeal.