The 'I AM NOT A VIRGIN' Fashion Label Re-Uses the Glass from Beer

 - Jun 27, 2012
References: iamnotavirgin & coolhunting
The 'I AM NOT A VIRGIN' fashion label has a risqué name and an even more daring production strategy. Brazen and based in NYC, it makes t-shirts and jeans out of recycled beer bottles.

Citing its commitment to use non-virgin materials (also known as recycled products) to manufacture its jeans, IANAV has toyed with different proportions of cotton and recycled synthetics, acknowledging the need to use some virgin croon. Its beer bottle-created line is limited edition, with only 400 pairs produced so far. Peter Heron hopes to push the brand further, using green soda bottles and water bottles to make future lines of jeans. The T-shirts have been made with discarded x-ray film, food traps and water bottles as well.

IANAV is taking to Kickstarter to help fund their ambitious initiative. Though its name may be disputed, surely no one will question its cause.