Remi Gamiette's Hyperrealistic Sculptures Almost Come to Life

Sculptor and 3D animator Rémi Gamiette created these hyper-realistic sculptures from clay that look almost realistic. The artist, who lives in Paris, France, sculpted perfectly proportioned, detailed pieces that appear to only be standing still.

His detail is top notch -- an awkwardly twisted hand could be easily mistaken for a real arm. The sculpture of a pair of hands has every single line and wrinkle meticulously etched and the texture looks like it would feel like real hands. His red rhino model is life-sized and you can even see the blank, spiritual gaze in its 3D eyes. Gamiette also created fictional creatures that show fierce expressions and they're nothing short of brilliant and terrifying.

The Parisian artist focuses all his attention on proportions, lines, detail and texture and the end result are these surreal clay statues that almost come to life.