The HydraLamp by Balint Tamasi Glows with Futuristic Tech

 - Jun 23, 2011
References: & tuvie
It may not habitually take three men to change a lightbulb, but it all the same, the HydraLamp by Balint Tamasi offers the convenience of a light source that will stay lit for more than six years.

Boasting the ability to keep shining for 50,000 hours, the lighting fixture is, in other words, able to last for five years and 255 days -- that is, if you fail to switch it off at any stage for that length of time. The elegant luminaire by Mangrove Creations takes the form of a pole, encasing tangled strings of LED lights. It's unclear how you would go about refreshing such a system anyway, should it gradually grow dim. But a built-in cooling system ensures that the HydraLamp by Balint Tamasi is extremely efficient, glowing like a 20W halogen light, while requiring just 4W to work.