College Humor's Hunger Games PSAs Focus on the Bad Not the Good

 - Apr 3, 2012
References: collegehumor & neatorama
The most recent young adult fiction phenomenon, 'The Hunger Games' trilogy, is full of important life values, yet these spoof Hunger Games PSAs concentrate on the messages that the bad guys would want malleable minds to concentrate on. These propaganda posters are exactly what The Capitol and President Snow would spew, especially the 'Snow Knows Best' one.

Created by College Humor, the Hunger Games PSAs series forces people to read between the lines. For instance, one poster reads, "School is for fools. This year... Volunteer! There's a 1 in 24 chances it will work out for you." It pits death against an educated future. What will the little ones choose?

The retro imagery of the Hunger Games PSAs series drives home the fact that similar and disturbingly real propaganda posters existed in the past.