HUGO Create Winners

 - Apr 3, 2008
References: hugocreate
Hugo has announced the winners of round 1 of the creative Hugo Create contest on 1 April, 2008. The 10 winners will recieve $500 each and will have the chance to be printed in I-D magazine or even used in an official Hugo campaign.

The ten winning designs are: Tom Moran (UK), Ashley Paul Smith (UK), Edwin Servass (Netherlands), Gosia (Canada), Imok (Australia), Juah Jukarainen (Finland), Litsa (USA), Matthew Needle (UK), Nicholas Romero (USA), Oleg Shmykov (Germany), Carla Tavares (Brazil), Luigi Luci (Italy), Karen Santiago (Mexico) and Bruno Manciet (France).

You can see the ten winning designs here. I could not find any info in the site about the dates for the second round, so it must be a bit later.