Hrefna Sigurdardottir Captures Beautiful Scenes With Tactful Grace

Artist Hrefna Sigurdardottir captures some absolutely endearing scenes that are praiseful of the participants and others that are a little bit edgy. The photography is done by Magnus Anderson who works with Sigurdardottir to create scenes that are questionable, but at the same time quite cheerful.

Speaking specifically about the portraits done of the man and woman, Sigurdardottir is able to convey the praise to the viewer through a number of unspoken cues that range from hands making approving gestures to others that hand them flowers. This is my favorite aspect of the shots because they don't rely heavily on language to convey a feeling.

Sigurdardottir is from Reykjavík, Iceland yet her artistic works are truly international because they don't require you to speak any one language in particular; there's very little to nothing that's lost in translation.