House of Clicks Was Built Using Data From 20% of Sweden's Population

 - May 29, 2015
References: facebook & gizmag
House of Clicks is the result of data crowdsourced from roughly 2 million Swedes, an astounding 20% of the country's population. The end result is a striking example of democratic architecture.

To undertake the project, Tham & Videgard began by analyzing what the users of a popular Swedish property website looked for in a dwelling. The variables included size, cost, number of rooms and even colors. Roughly 2 million visitors' data was included and 86,000 properties covered. A bit of artistic reinterpretation was added to the final outcome, with a nod to classic Swedish design principles.

House of Clicks is currently only a concept, but it will be built soon and put up for sale. It will be interesting to see if this kind of crowdsourcing is used to inform other architectural projects.