An Overnight Gaming Success Story is Found in Hothead Games

 - Aug 11, 2012
References: cloudant
Did you know that Hothead Games has brought you boredom-curing, fun games such as Big Win Soccer, Big Win Hockey and Big Win Baseball? Big Win Soccer became an overnight success while reaching a number one spot just two days after its release. However, Hothead couldn't handle its overnight success without the help of Cloudant.

Cloudant is the world's first globally distributed data layer that operates as a service for loading, storing, analyzing and distributing application data. Hothead Games moved their data layer to the Cloudant cloud database service so that it could stay focused on new game development and improving the player experience while having its database management being cared for. In just 16 weeks, Cloudant scaled Hothead Games from a 6-server Cloudant database cluster to a 60-server cluster, and became globally distributed. While in those 16 weeks of major development, Hothead Games was able to launch Big Win Hockey as well as Big Win Baseball, both of which became number one sports games in multiple countries.

Over 80 million Big Win Games have been played and 20 new apps are opening per second, for which we can give a big thanks to Cloudant. Because Cloudant is the database for all of the Hothead Big Win games, people are able to enjoy these games every day on iOS and Android-powered mobile devices.