the Honda UNI-CUB Improves Upon the Design of the U3-X

 - May 18, 2012
References: honda & tuvie
Going from office to office looking for TPS reports can now be done in record time thanks to the Honda UNI-CUB. The Honda UNI-CUB appears to be the evolved form of the U3-X, the robotic unicycle unveiled nearly 3 years ago. The UNI-CUB improves on the U3-X's design, looking more stable and comfortable than its predecessor.

The tagline behind this new design is "Harmony with People," and it seems to fit as the ladies in these promotional shots appear to be right at home aboard the Honda UNI-CUB. Only time will tell whether these personal mobility devices actually take off around the world. It's easy to imagine them being a hit in America, as people already look for ways to reduce their amount of daily movement as much as possible.